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TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2023 / In an exciting development that signifies a powerful commitment to sustainability and innovation, Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp's (OTC PINK:AWSL) wholly owned subsidiary K.B. Industries Inc. (KBI) has unveiled a groundbreaking project at The Lexington Michelin Manufacturing facility in South Carolina, USA.

Flexi®-Pave Revolutionizes the Landscape and Employee Experience

KBI is proud to announce the installation of a remarkable 7,725 square feet of Flexi®-Pave pathways, transforming the very essence of The Lexington Michelin Manufacturing plant. This innovative solution, made from 2,500 'Super Single' Michelin Truck tires, not only redefines the landscape but also enhances the employee experience with state-of-the-art sidewalks.

Turning Tires into Tomorrow's Technology

The Flexi®-Pave project utilized an astonishing 2,500 'Super Single' Michelin Truck tires, repurposing them into the specified recycled tire granules required for the Flexi®-Pave Product.

This sustainable endeavor not only marks a significant step toward eco-friendliness but also showcases the power of collaboration and innovation.

A Legacy of Environmental Stewardship

Since 2015, Michelin Tires Worldwide has stood as a staunch advocate of the Flexi®-Pave technology. Their unwavering support has extended beyond business, as they generously worked with K.B. Industries, Inc., and the Scrap Tire Construction Products Division (STCP) of Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. to supply and install thousands of square feet of Flexi®- Pave in Yellowstone National Park. The resulting transformation replaced old asphalt trails around the Geyser basins, preserving the park's natural beauty for future generations and allowing the valuable rainwater to percolate through the Flexi®- Pave to the complex geyser aquifer below.

Watch the Transformation: Yellowstone Video

Yellowstone video:

This generous donation by Michelin Tire Company not only enriched Yellowstone Park but also fostered a strong and enduring partnership between Kevin Bagnall, CEO of AP&I, and Michelin's senior management. This partnership has become a driving force for both companies, delivering both short and long-term benefits while championing environmental conservation.

A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future

Reflecting on this remarkable journey, Mr. Bagnall stated, 'For years, it has been such a pleasure working with everyone at Michelin. We share the same strong beliefs of working together for this and all future generations. It has been and continues to be a relationship that I treasure, and it is indeed gratifying to have the employees of the Michelin plant now actually walking on the Flexi®-Pave that contains the recycled tire component from the tires that Michelin manufactures which is an outstanding example of total sustainable tire recycling.'

About Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp:

Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp stands at the forefront of environmental innovation, committed to tackling pressing challenges through cutting-edge technologies. Our divisions span diverse domains, from water purification to sustainable agriculture and groundbreaking infrastructure solutions.

Unlocking the Future of Sustainability with Flexi®-Pave

Scrap Tire Construction Products Division

Introducing Flexi®-Pave:

For over two decades, our Scrap Tire Construction Products division has pioneered the revolutionary Flexi®-Pave technology. This advanced material, characterized by its high porosity and durability, is a game-changer in stormwater management, water treatment, shoreline protection, and ship docks.

Notable Installations :

Flexi®-Pave`s remarkable attributes have left an indelible mark on renowned sites globally. From Yellowstone National Park to Arlington National Cemetery, from Red Butte Gardens to Atlanta's iconic Beltline, and extending all the way to London's Kew Botanical Gardens in England, Flexi®-Pave has been instrumental in shaping sustainable, resilient environments.

Exceptional Characteristics of Flexi®-Pave:

Flexi®-Pave`s extraordinary qualities include long-term and short-term permeability, remarkable flexibility, crack resistance (even in challenging freeze-thaw conditions), enhanced resistance against trip hazards, and exceptional slip resistance.

As Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp continues its innovative journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to pioneering solutions that create lasting positive impact across the planet.

Next Generation Agriculture Division:

Empowering farmers with forward-looking solutions, our Next Generation Agriculture division offers a range of benefits. From eco-friendly fire retardants to Ascogel™, a revolutionary advancement that boosts production by up to 30% and retains an astounding 400 times its weight in water, even in arid conditions.

Water Purification Next Generation (WPNG)

The Global Challenge: Algae and Red Tide Infestation - a Serious Health Hazard

Algae infestation in water bodies worldwide poses a rapidly growing and critical health risk worldwide. Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp (AP&I) is at the forefront of combatting this crisis with an ingenious solution. Through proprietary Algae Vessels (AVs), these vessels are strategically placed within hazardous water bodies to target and eliminate harmful Algae Blooms that plague rivers, ponds, and lakes, as well as Red Tide Algae blooms in saltwater bodies. The AVs adeptly absorb the harmful Algae and Red Tide, processing them onboard before safely returning benign Algae to the water body. This transformed Algae then contributes as a natural and non-hazardous food source for aquatic life.

Innovative Benefits and Sustainable Practices

While battling this environmental menace, NGWP Algae Vessels operate with a zero-carbon footprint, harnessing wind, and solar power for their operation. This commitment aligns with AP&I's overarching corporate goal of benefiting the environment.

With its pioneering proprietary technology, Atlantic Power and Infrastructure is not only safeguarding aquatic ecosystems but also promoting healthier water bodies. The subsidiary's efforts are set to alleviate what has rapidly become a critical health hazard worldwide. Until now, environmental authorities have been grappling with a solution to this swiftly escalating crisis. Through innovation and dedication, AP&I's subsidiary is rewriting the narrative and leading the charge toward a safer and more sustainable future.

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