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Overwatch League Power Rankings: Week 22

Field Level Media
01 Jul 2020, 01:55 GMT+10

American Region

1. San Francisco Shock (14-2, 35-11-2, 24)

The Shock proved the top team in the region, sweeping through the Fusion 3-0 in a series that was never close. Shock rookie DPS Seon-chang "ANS" Lee posted a staggering 56 percent scoped critical hit accuracy as Widowmaker, well above theuniversal standard of roughly 25-30 percent. The Shock are blowing teams out of the water with superior tactics and raw talent and are threatening to high-step through the competition for its second straight tournament win.

2. Philadelphia Fusion (15-2, 44-17-0, 27)

The bad news for the Fusion; they lost a crucial match to potentially lock up the No. 1 seed for their region but they got embarrassed in a 0-3 sweep. The good news to a rising Paris Eternal, the Valiant's win over the Mayhem last week, combined with how hard they fought in a losing effort, puts them in contention with Philadelphia and San Francisco. An opening matchup against the Toronto Defiant in the first round of the Summer Showdown should be a good tune-up match for a team ready to make a deep playoff push.

3. Los Angeles Valiant (8-7, 27-28-0, -1)

Leave it to the Valiant to lose a game and rise up in the power rankings. Though this team lost 1-3 to a rising Paris Eternal, the Valiant's win over the Mayhem last week, combined with how hard they fought in a losing effort, puts them in contention with Philadelphia and San Francisco. An opening matchup against the Toronto Defiant in the first round of the Summer Showdown should be a good match for a team ready to make a deep playoff push.

4. Paris Eternal (9-6, 32-27-0, 5)

The Eternal are starting to get comfortable with much-hyped rookie DPS Yeong-han "SP9RK1E" Kim in the lineup, and it shows with how strong they looked in a 3-1 win vs the Valiant. The fact that SP9RK1E's signature Genji got buffed before the tournament and Paris is finally coming together as a team built around SP9RK1E should mean that the Eternal roll through the Dallas Fuel in their Summer Showdown first round matchup and deep into the playoffs.

5. Florida Mayhem (11-5, 30-20-0, 10)

The Mayhem might not be enjoying a winstreak at the moment, but a slew of tough opponents in a surging Houston and Los Angeles over the last few weeks have shown that Florida is mortal. Their DPS duo remains as lethal as ever, however, and this team will be a nightmare matchup in the Summer Showdown if they can figure out their approach to this tournament's meta.

6. Atlanta Reign (7-6, 27-18-0, 9)

The gatekeepers of playoff eligibility in the American Region is doing fine coming into the Summer Showdown. With wins over teams below it, like 3-0 wins over Toronto last week and Vancouver on Sunday, and losses to teams above it, namely a 1-3 loss to a mercurial Los Angeles Gladiators, the Reign are in a decent spot to pick up some wins and stay close to the top of the pack in the playoff race.

7. Houston Outlaws (6-11, 27-38-3, -11)

The Outlaws' surge in performance over the last few weeks has been fun to watch, with Houston taking Florida to the limit in a 2-3 overtime loss. With the Mayhem selecting the Outlaws as their first round matchup in the Summer Showdown, there's a chance for Houston to pull off an upset win and make a tournament run, picking up crucial wins as it tries to get back in the playoff hunt.

8. Los Angeles Gladiators (6-6, 24-24-4, 0)

The Gladiators' low placement isn't due to any problems with this team's rosters. The problem with the purple-and-white is their inconsistency and lack of clear team identity. The Gladiators are, at the moment, an entirely unknown commodity. There's room for LA to rise this weekend, though, as a first-round series against the Washington Justice could help this team get back on the right track.

9. Vancouver Titans (4-8, 14-26-0, -12)

After picking up their first win as a team a few weeks ago, the league is starting to uncover what this Titans' team really is. The answer: a middle-of-the-pack team with young talent led by seasoned veterans of the tier two scene. It'll be hard for Vancouver to punch above their weight in terms of team quality, but at least it has room to grow.

10. Dallas Fuel (5-8, 21-28-0, -7)

It's important to note that this ranking for the Fuel is reflective of their roster when they put rookie DPS Stefan "Onigod" Fiskerstrand in the place of all-star Gui-un "Decay" Jang, as the team has for the last few weeks. This team doesn't have much playmaking potential, someone will have to step up (if Decay doesn't play in the tournament) and lead the team or else it might roll over vs the Eternal.

11. Washington Justice (3-13, 17-41-1, -24)

The Justice are at the top of the bottom of the standings by the virtue of winning one more game than the two teams below it. Sure, someone had to win when the Justice and the Boston Uprising met to determine who would advance to the Summer Showdown, but Washington's 3-1 victory over Boston proved it was a cut above the bottom of the standings. Powered by DPS Ho-Sung "TTuba" Lee, who has enjoyed an increase in usage as the team's primary carry on his best hero, Genji, the Justice come into the Summer Showdown with at least a bit of momentum.

12. Toronto Defiant (5-10, 25-34-0, -9)

The Defiant struggled recently, only picking up wins against the three worst teams in the region. Despite the emergence of Genji possibly being a boon for their roster, Toronto couldn't stop Dallas in a 3-0 sweep, and the Defiant have to next prepare for much tougher competition: the Los Angeles Valiant.

13. Boston Uprising (2-13, 12-43-3, -31)

Disappointing, but deserved. The Uprising looked lost in their Summer Showdown qualifier, which they lost to the Justice 1-3 without much momentum near the end. This roster now has a couple of weeks to try and fix problems, but at this point in the season it's too little, too late.

Asian Region

1. Shanghai Dragons (18-2, 47-12-1, 35)

The San Francisco Shock of the Asian Region. Shanghai only lost one map in two matches over the weekend, letting Seoul take Ilios before taking that series 3-1 on Saturday before hanging a clean 3-0 sweep on the Hangzhou Spark on Sunday. The Dragons' combination of superior talent and tactics make it an easy favorite in the upcoming Summer Showdown.

2. Guangzhou Charge (13-6, 38-34-0, 4)

The Charge's 3-2 overtime win over the New York Excelsior on Sunday cemented Guangzhou as the best team in the Asian region not called the Shanghai Dragons. The DPS duo of Jung-woo "Happy" Lee and Ou "Eileen" Yiliang has emerged as one of the most lethal double-hitscan setups in the world and has led the team alongside stellar play from rookie tank Ki-cheol "Cr0ng" Nam on Sigma.

3. New York Excelsior (12-5, 41-20-2, 21)

The Excelsior is approaching the end of the regular season as it usually does, by experimenting with lineups in big matchups. They almost took down the Charge in a series where New York used three different lineups in five games, the first of which put DPS Hyojong "Haksal" Kim on support to play Brigitte. It's not that Haksal's Brigitte was the issue, New York went 1-1 with him on support, but the entire situation is eerily reminiscent of season one, where New York's "sandbagging" would end up costing the Excelsior in the postseason.

4. London Spitfire (6-7, 21-27-0, -6)

London managed to pull off an impressive 3-0 sweep of the Hangzhou Spark after taking a map off of the Excelsior the week prior in a losing effort. While London, and every team below it, has a considerable gap between itself and the top three teams of the region, the Spitfire at least have promising young rookies and momentum on their side heading into the Summer Showdown.

5. Hangzhou Spark (7-10, 27-37-2, -10)

The Spark hit a wall in a big way this weekend, not winning a single map throughout both of their matches. Getting 3-0'd by the Dragons is, honestly, to be expected, but getting 3-0'd by the Spitfire is definitely cause for alarm. Heading into the Summer Showdown, Hangzhou will need to figure some things out as a first round matchup vs New York looms ahead.

6. Seoul Dynasty (7-7, 18-23-1, -5)

The Dynasty pulled out of a three-game losing streak on Sunday with a 3-0 sweep of the Chengdu Hunters. Seoul's recent inconsistency and losing streak makes it hard to rate this team any higher, and the Dynasty's star players will need to step up against a hungry London Spitfire side in the Summer Showdown or else this team's playoff chances might go up in smoke.

7. Chengdu Hunters (4-14, 24-43-1, -19)

Chengdu is in a bad state at the moment, with its last win coming 3-0 against the Seoul Dynasty in mid-May. On Sunday, the Hunters lost its fifth straight match, sixth if you count its 3-2 loss at the May Melee to the New York Excelsior, in a 3-0 sweep at the hands of the Seoul Dynasty. It's hard to say what the next steps for Chengdu might be, but whatever the team is doing now isn't working.

--By Noah Waltzer, Field Level Media

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