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Top Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

20 May 2019, 01:01 GMT+10

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2019 / has released a new blog post that explains the main influential factors for car insurancerates.

When determining a person's risk profile and its associated rates, insurance companies analyze multiple demographic, social, geographic and economic factors. They all tell more about the probability of making a claim or being involved in an accident in the nearby future. Some factors measure a client's creditworthiness. Find out more and get free car insurance quotes from.

The main factors that impact car insurance costs:

  • ZIP code. Besides state's laws and geo-economic profile of a region, the risk profile is determined on neighborhood level. When we talk about larger cities or metropolitan areas, certain neighborhoods are more dangerous than others. High criminality and ongoing gang wars, riots and vandalism will surely affect the rates. Furthermore, the cost of repairing a car in a certain area or road conditions and population density will also count in.
  • Driving record. Is a top influential factors and companies will thoroughly analyze it before issuing any policy. The insurance companies will analyze both the number of accidents involving a person and his number of claims in the recent years.
  • Car model. The model of the car is another crucial factor and drivers must provide correct data and show papers when asked. Insurance companies will analyze statistics to check the accident frequency for that particular model, car theft frequency and if there are any known problems with it. Medium-sized family cars are cheaper to insure and are considered safer. Sports cars or customized cars are pricier to insure. Safety rating is also an important factor.
  • Marital status. Married people pay less on car insurance when compared with their single counterparts.
  • Coverage gaps. Having insurance gaps is heavily penalized by all insurers. A new client that has coverage gaps is not considered trustworthy and will be charged more. Before changing to a new company, make sure to synchronize the start of the new policy with the end of the current one.
  • Credit score. Persons with poor credit score are seen as unreliable and are expected not to manage premium payments well. This is the main reason why persons with poor FICO score are considered high-risk.

'Insurance companies use multiple factors when theycalculate rates. It's all about risk and insurance companies what to know ifthey will provide coverage to a safe driver or not,' said RussellRabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

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